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198 - Home Renovations Profits- with Al Keith (TENTEN Kitchens)

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198 - Home Renovations Profits- with Al Keith (TENTEN Kitchens)

Struggling with turning your home renovation passion into a profitable business? Our latest PTB Podcast episode is here to guide you through. We're joined by Al Keith, a successful entrepreneur who has made significant strides in the Contractor Strategy Group community.

Al’s journey wasn't always linear. He started as a senior fundraising professional in the charity sector but then took the leap into home renovations, showing us that it's possible to change paths and follow your passion.

But Al's interests don't stop at home renovations. He's also a motorcycle enthusiast, relishing not only in riding them but in rebuilding them. He even co-authored a book about the history of Canadian-built Canam motorcycles, truly displaying his versatile interests.

In our enlightening chat, Al shows key lessons from his entrepreneurial journey:

Making the Shift to Home Renovation: Al kicked off his home renovation career building decks. However, he quickly recognized the limitations of seasonal work in Winnipeg, Canada, and adapted his business to be viable year-round, culminating in the creation of bespoke kitchen designs.

Spotting Market Opportunities: Al identified a need in the market for high-quality, consistent kitchen designs and stepped up to fill that gap. His comprehensive solutions, from design to execution, set him apart: 'We wanted to not only build the product; we wanted to buy and sell the product as well.'

Quality as a Key to Profitability: For Al, maintaining high quality and exceeding customer expectations form the core of his business. Regardless of the inevitable challenges, Al sticks by this principle, leading to profitability and success: 'We're kicking ass moving forward and making money. It's good.'

And we don't stop there; our conversation explores even more of Al's business wisdom, touching on the importance of personal responsibility, truly understanding your customers, and identifying triggers for business growth. We discuss strategic hiring, the importance of data-driven decisions, prioritizing profit over revenue, and the role of positive thinking in business success.

Tune in to this episode for an inspirational journey and practical tips to turn your home renovation business into a profitable endeavor. If you enjoy the episode, don't forget to subscribe!

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