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Dominic Rubino at the whitebaord

Dominic Rubino

Hi I'm Dom. Im a serial entrepreneur, a proud husband and father, and a horrible fly fisherman.

I do this because I love it. 

In the last 15 years I've built & sold 2 large companies. ( 160 and 237 employees) . 

But they started as small companies. Just me and an idea.

I say that 'cause I think it's important for you to know I'm a no B.S. guy. …Some people like to tinker on cars, I like to tinker on businesses so they run smoothly, perform great and are fun to be in. 

I know how to show you the simple sytems you need to get more money out and not work all the time. 

Nice to meet you - thanks for checking in !

this is a Father and Son pic-


Smart and hardworking. You built this company from nothing and sometimes you're surpised to be where you are. 

You work harder than you get paid for and your family is proud of you - but they'd like to see you more.

You're looking for no BS ways to run this business so you can make more money, provide for your family and feel less scattered every day. You want systems that you know will work, and you dont want to re-invent the wheel.

Let's get started.

We're here for you. 

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Get to know us.

We're your full-service partner in content creation, design, and strategy. With our patented technology applications and personalized human touch, we implement a customized marketing plan optimized to convert leads, engage customers, and skyrocket success.  

Change Agent has been at the forefront of marketing trends since 2003. We were on social media before it was cool to be on social media. (Does that make us cool?) We've been designing conversion-worthy, aesthetic websites for longer than we can even remember. It's at the core of who we are and why we exist.  

Our top values are innovation and collaboration. We know that if we aren't creating new ideas, we'll get left behind. We also know that when our entire team works together with yours, new ideas flow abound. Living and breathing these values has made us one of the top marketing agencies in the game. That's our promise to you.

Photo taken by Jeff Martin

Meet Clark

This is Clark. He's our head of marketing strategy. After working as a social media campaign manager for a major corporation, he wanted to move into a agency where he could spread his creative wings. Clark quickly moved up the ladder at Change Agent thanks to his innovative ideas that pair cutting-edge technology with high-converting content. When Clark isn't wowing clients, he's taking pictures of his corgi Coconut and binging on The Office.

Clark's just one of 75+ awesome change agents designing, innovating, and creating here at Change Agent. Schedule a consultation to get paired with a creation expert for your team.

Our Process

Change Agent works a little different than most marketing agencies. You don't start by buying a plan and then we throw basic content at you.  

We begin with a free initial analysis and consultation to determine where your business is today. From there, we'll brainstorm 3-5 potential website and marketing strategies, customized to you and your needs. These plans include both digital applications and human services, as well as projected KPIs and results.  

We'll then work with you to select which plan will be the most beneficial for your budget, timeline, and goals. Then, we assemble your team and start implementing- while you sit back and relax. 

Long story short...

The job isn't done until you're seeing the promised results. We believe so deeply in our change agents that if you're not happy with the results, you don't pay. So what's the harm in trying a new way to marketing?

Let's work together

Our team is excited to start brainstorming ideas for your website and marketing campaign. Get a free initial consultation to chat with a creation expert, inspire ideas, and learn how our process works. 

Its about working (even) smarter...

How do some people make it look so easy? This free BootCamp is all about How to Get the Clients (& Jobs) you want. 

Free BootCamp- How to Get the Clients you want

Just for Owners of Construction Trades

Real, usable ideas that don't waste your time

Better Clients

Learn exactly how to find better clients. ...that you like to work with. 

More Clients

Learn how to get more of the right jobs, faster.- where we make good money 


Take notes and easily refer back to them later.

Hang on- does this stuff really work?

Great Question. How much can you learn from a BootCamp style webinar, right?

Here's what other people said afterward.  

"I realize I've been scattered ... I'm wasting time on the wrong deals"  

"...that Spider and Wolf thing surprised me"  

"...It felt like the meeting went fast, and I got a lot of notes for later..."  

"...Now I know how to change how much driving around we do..."  

Free BootCamp- How to Get the Clients you want

What will I learn?

My job is to share real info you can use within 24 hours of learning it. I'll show you how other companies are getting more and better clients- and you'll get a workbook for all your notes and ideas

Show me something Cool

Think about this..what would your business ( &life) be like if your customers didn't negotiate, paid full price and gave you referrals? That's what BootCamp is about...

Meet Dom.

Hi, I'm a businessman who happens to be a business coach.  

You probably want to know if my stuff works ( it does) and how long I've been at this (19 years) . Does it work for others? Well, there are over 10,000 (ten thousand) business owners who run construction and trades companies who read or listen to me monthly.  

I'm also in Forbes and I host 2 trades podcasts.  

But- I'm a Dad first, and I run this company because after I sold my last business, I promised my wife and kids that I'd travel a lot less than I have for the last 25 years.  

Beyond that, its really not about me. Its about you and what you need. A client from Boston once put it best- Dom, it's like you're the lighthouse and I'm the captain of the ship. You point out the safe passage and I get to sail the boat.  

Join me on the BootCamp here

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