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About Profit Tool Belt.

For too long, people thought they had to 'keep secrets' to get ahead. All that did was force everyone else to re-invent the wheel. Well, no more... we’re here to show contractors how to run a business on simple systems.

My team and I work hard to bring you real stories from real contractors in real situations, with insights from other contractors.

Have you said something like this lately? …and you’re not alone.

(To your wife)
'Honey, working harder has stopped working…'

(To your friends)
'I’m starting to see that the money isn’t in the sawdust anymore.'

(To yourself)
'Things used to be simple. I need to get back in control again.'

(To your best friend)
'I can’t keep up this pace forever- something has to change.'

I was there myself. I was busy, my customers loved me, my crew always had work, but I wasn’t making a dime.

I wish I had the words to tell you how frustrated I was.

The whole reason I created this company was because I couldn’t find what I needed anywhere else. I wanted to hear from other contractors and how they figured things out.

That’s how Profit Tool Belt was born.

Do you want to be a contractor who runs a few crews, or do you want to be a business person who just happens to be a contractor?

That’s why it’s all about sharing how to build a profitable construction company that runs on simple systems.

We are glad you're finally here.

The Podcast (also on YouTube)

At Profit Tool Belt, it’s all about showing contractors how to work smarter, not just harder.

Profit Tool Belt began as a podcast in 2019 as a way to inspire Educate and inform contractors about the Business "OF "the Contracting Business.

With hundreds of episodes and in-depth episodes, the podcast brings real -world, usable information to contractors in a no-nonsense, yet friendly style.

Dominic has hosted experts such as Tommy Mello, Mike Michalowicz, Shawn van Dyke, Tom Reber, Dave Sullivan, Doug Powell, Jim Ahlin and more.

(*) 3 Simple Rules.
I have 3 simple rules for anyone that is a guest on the podcast:

1. We don’t cuss, curse, or swear.
2. We don’t speak negatively about any person, product, or service.
3. No Selling."

Dominic Rubino, Official Bio

The Business of the Construction Business

Some people like to tinker on cars; Dominic Rubino likes to tinker on businesses so they run smooth, perform great, and are fun to be in.

He’s a serial entrepreneur, a proud husband and father, and a horrible fly fisherman.

You might already know Dominic from the two podcasts he hosts: 'Profit Tool Belt' and 'Cabinet Maker Profit System'.

On both shows, Dominic shares lessons, tips, and tricks from other contractors, and thought leaders in our industry.

With Dominic, you’ll get reality, not theory. He uses real-life stories and colorful anecdotes that help you see what the next level looks like and know how to get there.

He’s been a business coach for over 23 years and an entrepreneur for 30. Over the years, he’s had companies in Construction Trades, Contracting, Mail Order, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, & Business Coaching. His commitment to you is that you’ll learn more in this interview than most business people do in a year. And he wants you to go and apply it! So, let's get started on learning something new, that you can use, in your business or career, ... in the next 24 hours!

Dominic is also the author of 'Construction Millionaire Secrets'. This book was written in gray hair and wrinkles! It's a collection of 22 secrets learned and observed in construction trailers, boardrooms, site visits, and conference calls with Contractors all over the world.

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