How to Hire Better People Faster with Ryan Englin



Feb 13, 2024

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How to Hire Better People Faster with Ryan Englin

Unlock the secrets to hiring top talent with Ryan Englin on "The Profit Toolbelt Podcast." Ryan, author of the #1 Amazon bestseller "Hire Better People Faster," shares trade-rooted expertise to tackle the biggest hiring challenge in 2024: the belief that a paycheck is enough to hire top-tier talent. Learn strategies for cult-like employee loyalty, inspired by successful companies such as Starbucks. Discover how to move beyond outdated job platforms and turn your employees into recruiters for your business, attracting A-players effortlessly. Tune in for practical tips and reshape your hiring game.

The Biggest Mistake Holding Back Contractors From Hiring A-Players

Hiring solid workers is tough, and making sure they stick around is even tougher.

It's not just about going through a line of “warm bodies” — it's about having a smart plan to find and keep A-players.

So, let's dive into the art of hiring with Ryan Englin.

Ryan is a seasoned expert deeply rooted in the trades, who shifted from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. His goal? To help contractors, just like his father. Growing up in the family business, he saw firsthand the struggles and the importance of keeping a steady flow of customers.

Eventually, Ryan realised that it’s not just about more leads and sales…

Success requires HIRING and RETAINING people who will get the job done right - so he leveraged his marketing & leadership expertise to develop Core Fit Hiring ™ process that attracts employees even while you sleep.

The Biggest Mistake Holding Back Contractors From Hiring A-Players

Want to hear the biggest mistake that holds back most contractors from finding solid hires?

It’s thinking that just a paycheck should be enough for the employee to be happy to work for you.

Well, it isn’t…

MANY business owners are looking to exchange dollars for skills and experience…

… but not many can offer anything more than money.

It's not about treating employees like they're replaceable cogs on a conveyor belt.

It's about appreciating a job well done while encouraging constant improvement.

So, in this article you’ll find out how to be the employer everyone wants to work for…

Caring Creates Loyalty To Your Company

Every contractor wishes for an employee that would care about the business as much as they do.

But the real question they should ask is:

“When was the last time I genuinely cared about my employees as people, not just workers? “

Because if you show you care, your employees are more likely to commit to your success in return.

The biggest roadblock in hiring the best might not be the shortage of skilled individuals…

But the failure to build a balanced, respectful, and caring workplace.

When thinking about retention struggles, it's difficult to accept that when someone quits, it's not the job they're leaving—it's you as their leader.

Because it's not about a couple more bucks in hourly pay or better benefits—people crave effective leadership.

However common hiring strategies often ignore leadership qualities. 

How To Inspire a Cult-Like Loyalty In Your Team

Brian Scudamore, the founder of “1-800-GOT-JUNK”, “Wow One Day Paint”, “Shack Shine”, and “You Move Me” knew the power of forging a unique culture that ties a team together.

In fact, he believed that you should create a company culture that is just below a cult. Not a religion, but close.

And Starbucks seems to follow the same strategy…

If you just go there, have a coffee, and watch for 10 minutes you’ll see:

Starbucks invests in their people, making an environment where employees genuinely believe in the brand. 

And just like Starbucks, where a barista's morning smile is as crucial as the coffee they serve, successful contracting businesses weave company culture in day-to-day ops to create a loyal, enthusiastic workforce.

Because the truth is - without building CULTURE operations will fail.

And to build a thriving culture you need values…

Not wishy-washy “we value integrity” values - but ones that actually mean something to you and your team.

Show me integrity. You can't. Teamwork. Show me teamwork. You can't.

So you need to give meaning to your values by converting them into actions you want to see more off.

You could say something like put employees first.

You could put customers first.

You could say something like people over profits.

These are values that you could start defining as behaviors. 

To check the effectiveness of your values here’s a simple test:

Can the leadership team name all the core values without hesitation?

If not, the values lack resonance and fail to penetrate daily operations.

Each value should also have a core story—a narrative that breathes life into values.

A story makes it easy to remember AND highlights what it means.

For example, I was working with a woodworking company and one of their values was being on time.

The story they used to demonstrate was about a time when the owner was driving to the shop and saw somebody running down the road.

Turns out it was a new hire whose vehicle had broken down.

He didn’t want to be late, so he got out of his truck and started running to get to work on time.

It was a true story, and the legend of it still lives on.

That’s the power of tying a value to a story.

Actionable Strategies & Tactics For Hiring A-Players

In the quest for quality hires, job platforms like Indeed are slowly on their way out.

For trade and construction contractors, Indeed is getting close to throwing money down the drain.

The more effective alternative is employee referrals…

Now the problem is - most employees are not that keen on recruiting for your company.

And only 6% of employees refer for monetary or recognition-based incentives.

So how can you bridge the incentive gap?

Money is nice and all… but there are ways you can boost the perceived value of the incentive.

Instead of giving away $1000 bucks, you can spend the same amount on a family weekend getaway for the referring employee…

This creates an emotional experience that’s way more memorable than $1000 bucks…

You can also offer paid time off.

And you get even more ‘’brownie points’’ if you can align the referral rewards with your values.

So - if one of your company values is time spent with family - this is the perfect chance to demonstrate that you mean it.

Another issue is the lack of tools for the referring employee…

You want to make it easy for your employees to refer you to their friends and family…

Share a script or do a roleplay about how they should make referrals…

Equip them with testimonials, and incentives to make a convincing pitch.

That way they know what to say, so chances are they will actually go ahead and do it.

Now all of this might seem like too much work…

But consider the cost of your current recruitment efforts…

Add up the time and money you’ve spent on job boards…

And look at the results you’re getting…

Chances are you’d be better off dealing with vetted hires that come from referrals.

And while setting up these systems might take effort - once you’ve dialed them in you’ll attract qualified workers like clockwork.

If you’d like to hear a more in-depth breakdown of Ryan Englin’s recruitment strategies I highly recommend listening to the full episode on How to Hire Better People Faster on The Profit Toolbelt Podcast. 

Tune in for a wealth of knowledge that can reshape the trajectory of your business.

Show Notes:

  • The Biggest Mistake Holding Back Contractors From Hiring A-Players
  • How To Inspire a Cult-Like Loyalty In Your Team
  • Actionable Strategies & Tactics For Hiring A-Players

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