205 - I need better customers from my website with Katlyn Slocum



Tue, 25 Jul 2023 05:00:00 UTC

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205 - I need better customers from my website with Katlyn Slocum

In this episode of the Profit Tool Belt podcast, we invite digital maestro, Katlyn Slocum, to help you dig your way out of the tech mud and elevate your construction business to the next level.

Katlyn, known for her knack for blending construction knowledge with her web designing talent, lays out essential thoughts on:

The Power of a Professional Website: Your website is not just a glossy digital brochure, it's your virtual business card and a testament to your reliability and professionalism. Katlyn shares the secrets to designing an impressive and effective online presence that does more than just look good.

Attracting the Ideal Clients: Not all clients are created equal and Katlyn’s here with her proven strategies to help you reel in the right kind. Learn how to filter through prospects to land those who contribute positively to your business growth.

Balancing Social Media and Owned Digital Assets: While social media can be a powerful tool, Katlyn elaborates on the risks of over-reliance on it and the importance of owning your digital real estate. Hear why having a diversified digital presence can make all the difference.

Pricing Your Services Right: Struggling with an overwhelming workload? Katlyn unveils the counter-intuitive solution – increasing your rates. Find out why properly valuing your expertise can revolutionize your business and allow you to focus on quality over quantity.

In this episode, we're equipping you with the same determination and tenacity you bring to your construction projects, but this time, for the digital landscape. It's time to raise the scaffolding on your online presence and start building. Tune in now!

Katlyn Slocum

"It took us three months, and he was on the first page of Google and 10 different of his local towns."

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