200 - Construction Business Coaching LIVE MEETING with Aaron Zambrana (AtoZ Screens)



Wed, 21 Jun 2023 03:54:00 UTC

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200 - Construction Business Coaching LIVE MEETING with Aaron Zambrana (AtoZ Screens)

Hey there, folks! Get ready for an epic episode of the Profit Tool Belt (PTB) podcast ! We are sitting down with none other than Aaron Zambrana, a hustler who's gonna school you on how to turn opportunities into straight-up success in our crazy world of construction.

Zambrana's been through the trenches, starting from scratch and carving his path in the window screen and screen door industry. He's gonna spill the beans on the power of coaching, how it transformed his business from crawl to skyscraper-level growth. It's like watching a foundation rise from the dirt, my friends.

But the journey wasn't all sunshine and blueprints. He's gonna share his secrets on how to reinvent your business when things ain't going according to plan. You know, like when you gotta tear down that wall you just built 'cause it ain't cutting it?

And hey, we all know how important a kickass team is on the construction site, right? Well, Zambrana's gonna lay it down for you, hammer and nail style. You'll learn the ins and outs of skills development, creating a crew that's tough as steel, and a work culture that's tighter than the strongest bond.


Tune in to this episode for an inspirational journey and practical tips to make your business into a profitable endeavor. If you enjoy the episode, don't forget to subscribe!

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