190 - What do I SAY and DO when people want a raise - Dominic Rubino



Tue, 11 Apr 2023 09:43:00 UTC

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190 - What do I SAY and DO when people want a raise - Dominic Rubino

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of unexpected employee raise requests? Tune into this episode as we reveal the "I Want a Raise System and Scripts," an easy-to-follow solution for confidently managing these essential conversations.

Discover Dominic's three-step system that encourages a merit-based, proactive work environment where both leaders and employees clearly understand their roles, responsibilities, and expectations.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to Set Clear Expectations: Dominic stresses the need for simple systems and clear expectations.
  • The Value of a Formal Review Process: Dominic explains, "Employees must prove their worth for a raise."
  • The Advantages of Annual Self-Assessments: Dominic highlights the importance of focusing on "attitude and capacity" over technical skills.

Take Dominic's wise advice: "With a simple system, there's no story to make up." Say goodbye to awkward moments and embrace a structured, transparent approach to discussing raises.

BONUS: Get your FREE workbook with helpful guidelines and scripts to implement this system in your business. Text "I want a raise" to 315-903-7853.

Enhance your team dynamics and improve your workplace with the "I Want a Raise System and Scripts." Listen now, and don't forget to subscribe for more practical tips!

For more on Dominic's system, text him at 315-903-7853 and ask for the report mentioned in the episode.

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