Hi, I'm Dominic

But everyone calls me Dom. I show contractors how to work smarter… not just harder. If you want to get to the next level in your contracting business, you’re in the right place and you’re among friends.

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About Dominic

Contractors find me when they’re looking for answers about time, people on their team, money, growth, and getting back in control of their business.

I’d like to show you the simple systems other contractors are already using to help them reinvent their business.
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Podcast for Contractors

Yes, there are other contractors just like you… People who want to learn the business of the construction business.

On this show, it’s OK to be a business owner and learn the kind of things that we need to be better leaders who run a profitable company and take care of our families.

I interview other top business owners, so you can learn what they are doing, learn from them, and realize you’re not alone.

I also interview experts on profits, family business, growth, estimating, jobsite efficiency, lean, safety, time management and mental health.

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The Podcast

Profit Tool Belt is here to educate contractors on the Business "OF" the Contracting Business.

You have 100's of episodes to choose from, ranging from Time Management for Contractors, to Construction Estimating, Profitability, Hiring and Managing People, and, of course, How to Grow your Construction company.

My team and I work hard to bring you top quality guests like Tommy Mello, Mike Michalowicz, Shawn van Dyke, Tom Reber, Dave Sullivan, Doug Powell, Jim Ahlin and more

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